Modatell LLC will issue you a refund for any transaction placed if you are not satisfied with the purchase.
Call us at: 1-866-804-7822,  or email us at


Before you decide it is easier to initiate a chargeback, please recognize once you use our services you are legally bound
and payment is expected.

Otherwise, we will use a third party to collect monies due, via a collection agency. This could result legal consequences.
Please contact Modatell LLC if you do not recognize your charge on your credit card statement.

Our  customer service is:  1-866-804-7822

If you are dissatisfied  we can remedy the issue.  (see our refund policy)
It is not necessary to  initiate a chargeback. 

Modatell LLC will be more then happy to rectify the issue, so that you are satisfied. 
Simply call us for a refund.  


This is what happens if you decide to do a chargeback:

If you do a chargeback, all your details regarding the transaction are forwarded to the bank, including your name and address,
incoming call logs, your ip address,  to show proof of transaction(s), and the  amount(s) owed. The collection agency, attorney,
legal authorities,  will receive the same information.  They will be contacting you, as well as our company will contact you. 
Further action of filing a fraud case with authorities is necessary  because this is considered credit card fraud.
It will be your  responsibility to pay the additional fees incurred, $50 per incident and attorney and legal fees, amount owed, and
any additional past due amounts and balances owed plus interest.