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T Boy has returned. It is almost fall, and I think it is time for me to retrain my compulsive masturbator  TBoy.  Be sure to check the category list, we go way back with stroking lessons. Here is our latest and it is very hot.. read on..

TBoy: training for me today?
Mandie Parker: edging
TBoy: how many times?
Mandie Parker: 20 minutes per hour
Mandie Parker: all night long
TBoy: seriously??
Mandie Parker: yes only 20 per hour
Mandie Parker: no cumming of course
Mandie Parker: why serious?
TBoy: wow - it is a hard assignment
TBoy: thank you mistress

This was part one of the lesson, I gave to him last night. Read on to see how it progressed. I asked Tboy how he made out and this was his response:

"Being a self-confessed stroking addict, it was to be expected that Mistress Mandy would find a way to exploit my addiction and push me to my very limits.  Last night she gave me one of her assignments to further cause me to fall deeper into devotion of Mistress Mandy.  I was instructed to stroke and edge every hour through the entire night.  I set my alarm to wake me each hour so I could begin my stroking and bring myself right to the edge of release and then ride the edge for as long as I could without cumming.  Mistress Mandy controls my cock and when I cum so I certainly wasn't about to cum without her permission.
She had told me that unless I obeyed her I wouldn't be cumming anytime soon.  I am completely under her control as she helps me break my addiction to stroking and fall under a total addiction to Mistress Mandy.

By about 4 am my cock was swollen and angry from all the attention and my balls had swollen to the size of tangerines full of unreleased cum.  I massaged my balls and the ached from being filled to capacity with no draining in sight.  My cock leaked precum like a dripping faucet as I slept and the wet spot on my sheet grew as the hours ticked away.  My cock stayed in a semi-erect state...

as my mind spun with thoughts of being completely dominated by Mistress Mandy.  She filled by dreams with her beauty and overflowing sexuality.  I wanted her more and more.  I needed her more than air, food, and water.  But that's exactly how she wanted it and I could just see her taunting me so deliciously.   By morning my cock was still rock hard and my balls still stretched like overfilled balloons waiting to burst.  I know that I would do anything for my Mistress Mandy.  I hope she will give me release soon - but I am not counting on it."

Mandie Parker: you may stroke for 5 minutes
Mandie Parker: every half hour
Mandie Parker: for 4 hours
Tboy: what kind of strokes mistress?
Mandie Parker: lotion
Mandie Parker: the first 5 of the hour
Mandie Parker: slow
Mandie Parker: the second 5 fast
Tboy: is it OK to edge? i mean when i am stroking or just stroke and not reach the edge
Mandie Parker: oh edge
Mandie Parker: of course
Tboy: ok - got it: Thank you so much Mistress - I love being under your control
Mandie Parker: I own and control you

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