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How MANDY began to
Guide Masturbation

I guess you are wondering, why would a girl enjoy guiding a guy's masturbation. For me it was a simple fact that I liked to watch a penis in action. Loved to see, what would normally be a very private moment, made not so private. I think originally I felt left out that my boyfriend would like to masturbate. I think I was jealous, hurt, any of those things, that you feel when you are insecure. I could not stand it. I would ask why we could not have sex, and he would say, he jerked off all afternoon, and he had nothing left.

It would leave me in a state. After all, girls don't masturbate all day usually, and I know, we don't do it, if we have the prospect of real sex.  The few times I had masturbated before sex, I did not have much an orgasm when the real sex came along. So, early on, I learned, hands off! (if the promise of real sex, was to be in the immediate future).

So, I came up with a plan. If my boyfriend liked to masturbate so much, He would do it for me. I gave him my proposal, which was more like an ultimatum. I said. honey, from now on, I am going to instruct you, or guide your masturbation. You are going to stroke for me!

He looked up at me like I was crazy. I said, if you ever want to have real sex with me again, you are going to masturbate and I am going to guide you.  I smiled, and I could see him grow stiff in his pants. I guess we can start now.

"Ok, unzip," I said, and my boyfriend replied, "Mandy... No, I can't do this in front of you."  I said, "yes, you had better get used to the idea. So unzip now!".  Reluctantly he unzipped his pants, he took his semi-soft c*** out of his pants, and began stroking it. I said ... no, no, no ... not without my permission.

So, I said let's start again... My boyfriend as he blushed replied yes, Mandy. "That's better" I said,, as he asked permission to touch.  "You may stroke for me now." I said.

My boyfriend began to pump his cock. I could see his excitement grow, as my eyes were planted on his private parts.  Then I told him . "hand's off," he did as he was told, but his dick remained rock hard.

So this is how are rituals began, I would tell him, to unzip, and he would get in position, The rule was, he had to ask, if he could touch, and could not cum without my permission.

On nights when I would be super horny, I would let him masturbate, on and off all day, without cuming. Then at night, he would get to pleasure me, It turned into a very hot idea. He learned not to cum until I was ready. I ended up with control of this situation.

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