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Guided masturbation phone sex, you could say is a specialty with me.   I devote a lot of my time, to making your cock feel good.  How do I do that you ask?  I do that by taking control.  You NEED me to take control, I am in charge of your cock, and teasing and denying your cock is all the more reason for you to focus on my soft, and sexy voice.  I am told by  many that the sound of my voice, not only is it arousing, it instantly gets their cocks hard.

Guided masturbation phone sex  has many possibilities.  For one thing, it is a form of domination.  A lot of men dream about going to a dominatrix, but do not dare.  Guided masturbation offers a form of domination that is safe, basically I take control, and you agree via the phone to follow my instructions.  It does not make sense not to follow them, as you are paying for a service to make yourself feel good.

Masturbation is all about feeling good. Domination is about giving up control.  That is very stress relieving for a man who is bombarded daily by wants and needs of others, having to make decisions. As silly as you may think it sounds.  By me giving you instructions, I am giving you the necessary break you need in the day, to make you feel good. It is good for you. It will lower your blood pressure, take your mind off yourself for a bit.  Do this for you!  It's important.  It is also good for you to ask for a tease and denial session.  That is when we employ some edge play.

Edge play phone sex is a form of me teasing you and denying you even further.  Talking about how you are under my control, taking your hand away and also giving you masturbation techniques.   You will find my masturbation guidance, my masturbation information, and masturbation techniques all beneficial, and you will be enriched by masturbating for me.  I like to have you masturbate for me. I get off on the fact that I make you jerk off for me.

When you decide to treat yourself, call me for a very good guided masturbation experience, I want you to ask me for a really good session, Tell me you are ready for the full treatment.  I want to guide your masturbation!
xoxo's Ms. Mandy

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