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Patio stroker boy is into exhibitionism

Had a super kinky guided masturbation phone sex  call with Patio stroker boy, he is pretty wild.  He is a lot of fun to play with, we have long chats and we have been talking a long time, and have had some very intense sessions,  I have a story that he has written on my website, let me put the link here... many have commented on what a good story it is.
click here to read the story ---> orgasm denial phone sex

I have had him in denial for long periods of time, and we have done some public humiliation, which is when I make him go out his front door  lock it, and walk around his house to the back door to get back in.  The first time we did this, I did not have him masturbate outside, and not so much the second time.  Then we had not spoken in a while.

Last night we did a very intense session.   I had him start out on the back porch, it was a moonlit wonderful night and he was stroking to my guided masturbation, and we were chatting and catching up, then I decided to take him for a walk.  Into his house, and out the front door, locking it behind him. I became very wicked and had him masturbate for quite a while on his front steps.  It was dark out of course, but there are neighbors.  He does enjoy the public humiliation factor for sure.

I then had him go past the garage and masturbate there for a while, did I mention I had put my leash around his neck and was leading him in that direction?  When he got to the garage I teased and denied him for a long time.  I could hear excitement in his voice. Then once we were through the gate, I took him through and area that is well lit. Until now it was very dark, now the neighbors could possibly see. 

Back to his back porch where I had some of my girlfriends assembled to watch him masturbate his tiny cock for us.  It was very amusing, as he stroked he was fondled by us, I made him lick my ass for a while, and then I smothered his face with my pussy. My girlfriends also had their way with him, squeezing his balls, and fingering his ass. My boyfriend came over and saw all this action.  He got his dick out and then I had patio stroker boy suck his cock, and I used my strap on. 

Usually I practice orgasm denial with him, but we were at a fever pitch. I forced him to cum in front of all of us, and then I made him lick it up.

It was a very exciting session with patio stroker boy!

xoxo's Ms. Mandy

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