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My chaste Canadian stroker boy Peter is very devoted to Ms. Mandy.  We all know that I am very much a fan of guided masturbation phone sex.  We do practice orgasm denial, it is very beneficial and also a form of cock control.   Denying oneself an orgasm is a form of enlightenment.  It is good for the sole.  Eventually when you do cum, if you are allowed to cum. You release so much more intensely.  You need to focus on denial, to achieve staying power, and most of all the ability to please a woman.  Peter gives up his orgasm to Ms. Mandy and has been doing so for a long time, because he know that it gives me control, and knowing that he sacrifices his needs for mine, shows that he is all about pleasing me.  I am in control. denying him makes him more in focus of my needs.  Orgasm denial is good, it is a beneficial training of oneself for one's Mistress.

Peter being the intellectual that he is understands all this. He enjoys my tease and denial sessions, and orgasm denial, and my ultimate control.  We have spoken many times about chastity devices and we have an unspoken trust, that makes me feel a device is not necessary.  I know if he says he is not cuming he is serious, as he is very devoted to his Ms. Mandy.  I am his orgasm control Mistress.  I am his orgasm denial Mistress.

If you are willing to give yourself up to a Mistress that understands how orgasm denial and control will enhance not only MY life but yours, set up a session with me to discuss it.  Peter knows the benefits.  It will enable you to focus on being submissive to Ms. Mandy.

xoxo's Ms. Mandy

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