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Foot boy loves my foot dangle

My sexy foot boy sent me this erotic foot fetish phone sex story and I wanted to share it with you.  We just had a session and he was loving my feet as he does from time to time. I think I am going to have him under the table again.  I like to dangle my shoe off my toes, if you read the story I am sure you will be fascinated by his sexy foot tale.

My wife and I were headed to a restaurant that evening for her birthday. We were supposed to meet up with family and friends for the evening. As we walked into the restaurant, I could see a bar down one wall, a piano player in the corner, a roped off area for our reserved group, and the rest of the restaurant was dimly lit, with small round tables and long table clothes. Sitting across the room, I saw you. Sitting in thigh high, red dress, sexy tanned legs, and the most sexy little feet I've ever seen. In an open toed, red shoe that had no back. I must have been looking too long, all at once you arched your toes and popped the sole of your shoe off your foot. As I looked back up to your eyes, I saw you giggling as you bounced the shoe on your foot. Getting up, you started walking my way, and my cock instantly got hard.

Approaching the bar, you ordered a couple glasses of wine and turned to me. "From the look in your eyes, and in your crotch, you like my that right?"   "Yes ma'am," is all I could mutter. Leaning in close you whispered,"if I let you love on my feet, you have to cum for me-agreed?"  The blood in my brain was gone. I hadn't even considered where, or how..    "Yes ma'am, I'll cum for you" fell out of my mouth. I couldn't think of anything else. "Pay for the drinks and bring them to my table" as you turned and walked back to the your seat.  Sitting there wondering what had just happen, how was I going to get away to be with her. Suddenly the bartender sat the drinks on the bar, and as I paid for them, all I could think about was being at her feet. So there I went, walking across the restaurant floor with 2 drinks, and as family and friends were rounding in at my table, I was delivering these drinks to this mystery woman(who was soon to become my foot mistress) in the corner. As I set the drinks down, you crossed your left leg across your right one, lifting your foot just far enough for you to slip your shoe off, as you held the edge of the table cloth up, and motioned me underneath. The next thing I know, I'm sitting under this table, slipping her shoe off and forgetting all about the b-day party. "Before you love on my feet, you have to pull your pants below your knees, you don't have to take them off, but have them below your knees."

As I struggled to get out of my pants, she shoved her big toe in my mouth, as to hold my attention, and I soon found myself sitting with her foot in one hand as it positioned my hand around my cock and had me start stroking, while the other held her foot to my mouth, where I gently sucked each toe, and was kissing my way up the sole of her foot. Hearing my wife ask people if they had seen me started me to worry.

As I started to move, she said "and where do you think you're going," as she stuck her toe back into my mouth and pulled downward. Her other foot was behind my head and now it pushed forward also, all of a sudden, I'm bent over top of my cock, with her toe holding my jaw open, and her other foot holding my head bent over. "Pump it for me, you want to cum for me don't you....?" "Good boy, pump it faster"  As I jerked on my cock and sucked on her toes, I forgot all about being looked for. "Good boy, you can almost suck your own cock, show me how close you can get."  with that, I'm pulling my head down as her foot pushes me closer and closer to my cock. As I stroke my cock, the pre cum starts flowing as you rub your foot across the head, and raise it to my lips to licked up. " I like that. That's just how I want you to cum, and you stuck your toe back into my mouth and pulled my head back over.

Having me stroke faster, I could hear them looking for me, but didn't care. As I started to explode, I started to raise my head, but your hand held me still as you told me to shoot it for you. As I sat there, under the table, bent over so far that all I could see was your foot and my cock ready to explode, one more pump sent me into spasms of cum shooting from me. Bouncing off your foot, and shooting in my mouth, as I continued stroking the last of the cum out of me, you pulled your toe from my mouth, and raising your cum soaked sole to my mouth also raised my head. Licking and sucking for all I'm worth, cleaning your foot, and trying to catch my breath, I was told to pull up my pants and go on.

As I crawled out from under the table, I made my way to the restroom to clean the cum off of my face, and clean up my pants and shirt the best I could, before going back out to our table to meet up with the rest of the family and friends, and try to explain where I had been, and what I had been doing.........              Your CE footslave