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Foot fetish phone sex erotic story

Ms Mandy wanted to go shoe shopping the other day, and wanted me to go
with her. I thought “holy crap” getting to be at her feet all
day-slipping first one shoe on, then trying another. I immediately got
hard just thinking about it. “You have to do as I say, if you want to
go,” she told me, as she noticed my hard on and extended her leg, as to
rub her foot against the huge bulge in my pants. I eagerly agreed, with
a low moan, feeling her soft sole pressing against my cock. “Aaaahhhh,
are you excited already” she asked. Sitting up, she unzipped my pants,
and told me to take out my cock. As I pulled it out of my pants, you
could see me leaking pre cum already. Sitting back, you told me to
stroke it one deep stroke and milk the pre cum onto your foot. Doing so,
you raised your leg and I instantly found myself running my tongue up
the sole of your foot-feeling the slickness of my pre cum, and making
sure not to miss any, as I licked your foot clean.

Seeing that I was worked up already, you told me to sit in the floor and milk
the  cum out of myself. “I don’t want you embarrassing me by cumming to fast, so,
milk it now before we leave.” Putting me on my knees, you had me hold
your one foot with my hand, as I jerked my cock against your sole with
the other. Lifting my head you told me you wanted to warm up my mouth
too. With your hand under my chin, holding me firmly, you pulled out
your dildo and started sliding it in and out of my mouth.

There I am, on my knees, slapping my cock against the sole of your foot, while
having a fake cock rammed in and out of mouth, that’s when you told me
you were just warming me up. I was going to please who ever it took, for
you to get whatever pair of shoes you wanted, for free. “Now shoot it
on my foot so we can go.”  Holding my head by the hair with one hand,
you started shoving the dildo in deeper and deeper. “Cum for me or I’ll
choke you”.  With that, I started cumming all over her foot. Telling me
I was a good boy, and still holding my hair, you guided my mouth
towards your foot. Knowing my duty, I started licking and sucking your
foot clean. “That’s right, make sure you get it all.”  After sucking
every toe and making sure to tongue bath your foot all over, you told
me to get dressed and we were off. When we landed at the shoe store, it
seemed we were expected. You were met with a hug and smile, and I was
met with a smirk. He asks if you were there for a pair of new shoes,
which you replied “of course.”  Stepping to the side, he motioned you
towards the back room. Taking me by the hand we were led to a smaller
room in the back, dimly lit, with a couch. Putting a pillow in the
floor and pointing, I knew where I was to sit. As he entered the back
room, he was carrying several boxes of shoes.

You looked as though it was Christmas and he was Santa Claus. As he sat
down, you leaned over and gave him a hug, as your hand rubbed his
crotch. With just a look my way, I knew to remove your shoes, for you
to try on your new ones. As I removed your shoes, I started kissing on
one, that’s when I saw it. You had taken out his cock, and with just a
few strokes, had him rock hard. That had to be the biggest cock I had
ever seen. Your hand only went half way around it, and it must have
been 12” or 14” long.  Looking back at me, you told me to milk him dry.

Telling me that if there were any cum left in him when we were through, I
would also have to pay for the shoes.  With that, your foot turned my
head his way, as he stroked himself and walked my way.  Your foot
opened my mouth as he started shoving his cock down my throat. I had
never seen a cock that big, let alone have one in my mouth. Gagging and
choking, he pulled out enough for me to catch my breath as you both
laughed at me. Starting back down my throat, I was able to relax some,
and he grabbed my head and started thrusting back and forth. I reached
up and started stroking the cock that wouldn’t fit in my mouth.  Telling
me to pump him faster, I was jerking his cock as fast as I could, and
sucking on him the best I could.

I just barely had a little more than the head of his cock in my mouth, but with a deep breath and a firm grip on my head, he shoved his manhood half way down my throat,
and I could feel the cum shooting down the back of my throat. With a few more
spasms of cum being forced down my throat, he pulled out right to my
lips, where I had to lick and suck all the cum off his cock. When he
was clean, ms Mandy asked him if he was empty, and he told her he
thought there might be one more little load. That was all it took.
”Cum in his face for me,” she told him.

Getting a hold of my hair again, he started pumping that massive piece of meat again, slapping it against my lip’s and face every now and then.
As his pace quickened, you raised your foot to my mouth and 
open my mouth with your toes. Just then he
started shooting again, as cum went all over my face, mouth, and your
foot. After cleaning his cock again, and cleaning your foot free of his
jizz, we got ready to leave. When I ask about washing up, you told me
to leave it, you wanted people knowing I was a cock sucker, and just
look at how good your new shoes look...................

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