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Guided Masturbation

Not only do I like to talk about guided masturbation during phone sex, but I have a wide range of other topics, and many happy guys who share secrets with Ms. Mandy.   One topic that gets a LOT of play with me is the
cuckold confession .  Some men only fantasize about, some actually partake in it.  They like to think about their partner with another man.  Could be wife or girlfriend, sometimes I play that part.  I am an actress, and love to be your mate.  If you are afraid to tell your girl your secret desire, I can be her for a few minutes.  It's a lot safer.

Panty worship is HUGE.  You might be worshiping my panties, going to the mall to buy some panties, or perhaps you already have some, I will put you on my panty wall of shame if you take me a good picture of you in those panties.   WALL OF SHAME  click here ---->  Panty Worship Gallery .  I like either you or Me in panties, I like guys to buy me panties.. Let me know when you are ready!
Glory hole fantasy, and real glory hole domination.  I will send you to the glory hole to suck cock, you can be my sissy bitch, it will be fun for you to suck, while I listen, always making my pussy wet.
You might be a cross dresser who craves some humiliation, and likes to be humiliated like the sissy cock sucker you are.  Not all cross dresser's want to suck cock, in that case, I can be your lesbian partner.
 Sissification is a great fantasy, where I turn you into my sissy, I can dress you up, send you shopping, make you over, work on your voice, get your body waxed, taking it further you can get implants, or even castrated.

  Castration but not to that extent, you can try Cbt - cock and ball torture,  let's slap your dick around a bit.  But perhaps, that is too hard core, a stocking tease is fun.  I can wear stockings, and tell you a dreamy fantasy. Whether I employ cock control , ruined orgasms, chastity, orgasm denial, if I dress you up, make you lick my ass, or feet, or do some foot fetish type role play, I get super wet, I am a pervert.  I love it when I get really dirty and make you cum hard.

Little dick humiliation also has it's place here, some guys just like to be laughed at, I can humiliate you with the best of them.  Small penis humiliation can be so much fun, I have many guys that like me to make fun of their tiny cocks.

So boys.. enjoy my free audio, the above are only a few kinky fetishes I talk about during phone sex, I have many more, maybe I will write about them soon... keep checking back, my blog is loaded with free sexy hot erotic chat!

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