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Patio Stroker

Last night was a banner night for guided masturbation phone sex and humiliation.  Patio stroker returned to serve me outdoors.  He told me it was 60 degrees outside and he was ready and willing to go outdoors, naked, to serve his, Ms. Mandy!  Not sure what is more fun, humiliation phone sex, or guiding a stroker boy to ecstasy.   I have been training patio boy for a long time, he is victim to my email training as well, in fact I have addicted him to me thru my email training.  I decided it would be good for him Not to cum.  He is in a state of denial now, and I will keep him this way, as it is good for him to practice control.  Controlling your orgasm, is a good way to be submissive for me.  I like a submissive man that I can mold into my own creation.

Patio boy, lives in a beautiful climate, he has sent me photos of the outside of his house, so I can give him good phone training, and public humiliation, as I lead him around the outside of his house, naked and serving me.   Not only did I lead him around. He is made to go out the front door of his lovely home, lock it behind him, then he has to follow my guided masturbation jerk off instructions, as I make him walk slowly, naked around the house to the back of the house.  Before he reaches his patio, the outside lights go on.  Mind you W/we do this late at night and there is a chance neighbors, or someone in a window, or a passing car, might catch him jacking off for me.

The best part is I made him go around the house three times, the back door is unlocked, once inside, I torment him, reminding him, that I am not allowing him a release, therefore, orgasm denial, and teasing him, making him take his hand off, and mentally tormenting him with dirty fantasies.

I like to have my girlfriends and their lovers come over.  He becomes my bitch, a cock sucking slut, that we all use, he jerks off for us, on command, and has to lick asses, and pussies, and suck lots of cock, also he serves us all drinks, in panties, and an apron.

Patio stroker just received his email instructions for today.  Would you like to be like him too?
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