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Pet piggy missed our weekly phone humiliation session I like to mix my guided masturbation phone sex with humiliation, cock control, cock and ball torture.  And now... Piggy Training phone sex.  I had an interesting session with pet piggy, since he was late in having his weekly session he was to have a good spanking.  He was getting a good piggy spanking with a hard wooden spoon,  I used it to smack  his piggy titties.  I had a great idea, I ordered piggy to have sex with his girlfriend.  Since I gave piggy such a good and long spanking his piggy ass was red.  I wonder if his gf noticed that his rear end was flaming.   Piggy needs to punished taking belt to piggy ass, it amazes me that he hardly ever feels the pain, must be a piggy thing, oinking while he is being punished.  Piggy is a loser.  I ordered him to have sex while he thinking of that.. while his is giving gf good piggy sex. Looking forward to peanut butter fucking next time.
Piggy sent Ms. Mandy a note...
just thought i should let the world know about my admiration for ms Mandy.   this little piggy loser loves her and i love being a pet in her stable.  ms mandy knows how to push me to the limit and keep me in line.  she has made me the piggy pet i am today.  eating stew from all fours on the floor and making me wear a collar.  she keeps me humble by making me wear panties for her. and mocking my lil clitty all the while.  she has a stern hand too.  i missed my session the other day and was treated to a good old fashioned spanking with a wooden spoon.  i sometimes lie in bed wondering what's next and fyi for all of you ms mandy followers reading the posts about me my upcoming sessions will include fucking a jar of peanut butter a sticky situation lol, lying on my back and giving myself a cum facial, and last but not least hanging a hammer from my balls and letting it sway back and forth on cam for ms Mandy's amusement. talk about getting hammered.  i love you ms Mandy. keep up the good work.

xxo's Ms. Mandy