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 bill the cum slut - wears red panties

Bill the cum slut loves my guided masturbation phone sex sessions as well as cum eating phone sex, has been very entertaining over the past year.  He originally called me because he had eaten cum back in the day, his own to be exact and needed someone to get him back into it.  He was reluctant, but I assured him, if he was serious, then I could definitely make him go through with it.  He called me up, and I did make him eat his own cum, he had his legs over his head and cumming in his mouth by the end of the session.  He also had his own dick in his mouth,  his cock was that close to his own face.  He is something else isn't he?  That is so fucking hot!  

Then another time  he called  and told me that he could actually get his own cock in his own ass.  He was able to push his cock back between his legs and get the head in.  That is super kinky.   Last night he called me from his car and told me he purchased red panties at Victoria's Secret and a real life like dildo to the tune of 65 dollars,  silicone you can heat it up and make it feel real. It is 7 inches, baby blue and vibrates.  By the time he got home he was all worked up, having been wearing the red xmas panties, they have a wide waistband, polka dots, and sure sounds hot. Was wearing them under his pants today, but he bought them today, and put them right on right in the store, he said the girl there let him go slip them on in the dressing room.   Then he wore them home in the car.  He told the salesgirl that  he would be coming back. He wants to buy 15 pairs. Different colors, for each day of week. I think if I had the name of this store, I could get her a lot of customers.

If you are looking to be teased and denied,  I am well versed in cock control, orgasm control, orgasm denial and will do  guided masturbation, pr chastity training, I can have you eating your cum, using toys and getting off very hard.   Cum slut Bill put the toy in his ass, eased it in, and said it was his first time. then he came really hard for Ms. Mandy!

Good boy!
xox's Ms. Mandy