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Rim Job

As you know I train rim job, she is a cock sucking sissy slut for me, read about her latest antics below. While I do not do guided masturbation phone sex with her, she is one of my sissy sluts, and is very much in need of my
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sissy updates
New update from rim job, and also below are a few older updates:

Last night I went to the mall wearing the girdle nylons and red panties under my jeans. I walked around the mall for some time and a few people noticed that i was walking with a wiggle and they were laughing at me. I could imagine what they were saying to each other. The girdle made my ass wiggle when I walked. I went into Macy's and walked over to the ladies department and a saleslady name Mary came over and asked me if I needed help. I told her that I needed a pair of frilly pink panties and matching bra for myself she looked at me and asked me to repeat myself, when I did she laughed at me. After she was done laughing she asked me why I wanted the bra and panties and I told her that my Mistress gave me this assignment to do, and again she started to laugh and that is when another lady came over to see what so funny.

Mary told me to repeat what I said to her and I did, and both ladies were laughing at me. Mary then showed me several different types of panties and bras, but she said that one style would look good on me, and then asked me what my size was. I told her that I did not know, and she measured me right in the isle. She said that a large panties and 38 bra would be perfect for me. They held both up to me and said that it is to bad that I can't try them on here but it was against policy.  Next Mary suggested that I get makeup done while I am here, and the other lady agreed and they walked me over the chair and another lady named Sue put make up on, with a foundation, eyelashes and liner and rogue and then dark lipstick and a gloss.

Sue told me that the gloss would make the lipstick last longer. They rang up my order and after I paid for it they walked me to door. I was walking out of the store Mary  they said very loudly "go sissy find some man to suck." I walked all the way to other end of the mall to my car and several people were looking laughing an calling me names.  When I left the mall it was around 10 PM, one boy looked at me and called me a faggot and  told  me to get lost before he beat me up. I told him that i was following orders and he said maybe he would make me suck him of,f but he changed his mind telling me that he was not going to get caught with a faggot sucking him off because everyone would call him a queer. Rim Job Maureen

Rim job is keeping Ms. Mandy amused, let me post his latest news here:
Hello Mistress, I did go the the movies and the girls were there but it was way too crowded to do anything. They did sit with me and I showed them the email you sent me and both loved it. They do want to meet again next week to have some fun with me. They told me to go the bathroom and shove popcorn up my ass and I did do it . When I got back to them Lisa slid her hand inside my pants and felt the popcorn and said good slut. Both girls pour their soda on me mainly in my crotch area. After the movie I walked out with them and they told me next week they will meet me and they want me to wear a bra and panties and they will make me do very degrading and humiliating acts but I don't know what they have in mind. Maureen

Then next email said:
Hello Mistress, just wanted to let you know that last night I met up with Lisa at the movies and she used me like never before. The place was empty except for the two of us and the she and the usher came prepared with a bra and panties, garter belt and nylons.  After the movie started she told me to strip and then she had me put on a dark red bra and panties along with matching garter belt and nylons.  After I was dressed she put on dark red lipstick and wrote on my forehead, slut.   She then told me to walk around the theater and she was calling me all types of names.   I came back to her and she stood up and was holding a dildo and told me to get on my knees and suck on it.  I did this for a while and then she told me she had a big surprise and went to the door and called in the usher.

I found out it was her brother and I was ordered to tell him that I was a slut and a cock sucker.  I was told to take his cock out and lick his shaft and head and suck on his balls.  After doing this he shoved his 7" cock into my mouth and ordered me suck him dry.  I sucked on his cock for sometime and when he was ready to shoot his load he held onto the back of my head and shot his load down my throat. When he was done Lisa ordered to me clean his cock clean and to thank him for using me.  She told me to stay on my hands and knees, I was to service anyone who came in.  Nobody did, so she shoved her dildo into my ass and kept moving it back and forth until she got tired of it and left it in my ass.

Just before the movie ended her brother came back in and told her to take the dildo out and he wanted to fuck the whore which he did while he was using me as his personal slut.  Lisa had me lick her pussy and asshole.  After they were  finished using me I was told to take off the bra and panties and put my clothes back on. I got done dressing and we left and walked to her car and talked for awhile until her brother came out and got in the car.  Lisa got into the car she took off my t-shirt and pants leaving me naked by the car and told me to jerk off until I came. She caught my cum in her hand and then smeared it all over my face and told me to lick her hand clean.  I was then told to tell them both thank you for using me for the slut that I am.  Lisa then told me to stay naked until they left the parking lot. I got dressed and went home and jerked off again all over my face.   I hoping that we can talk about last night it all depends on my free time and if your free . Maureen

Then the next email:

Hello Mistress just ordered the toys and bra and panties set. The toys included a dildo and butt plug and the the bra and panties are in red .  I went to the drug store and the girl helped me pick out a dark red lipstick for myself and she had a good laugh at my expense. Is there anything else you wish for me to get please let me know and I will get it. Your slut rim job

Then the last so far:

I still waiting for my order from Adam and eve and Victoria's secret. Once I get them I will be wearing the bra and panties along with the toys for our next session. I can't wait to see what you will make me do next. I did pick out lipstick and the sales girl was very helpful she love the idea of picking out a shade for a sissy as she called me. I was red in the face the entire time and loved every minute of it. talk to you soon Maureen.
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Rim job what have you been up to since?
xoxo's Mistress Mandy

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