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Masturbate on Command 3!

Continuing saga of Masturbate on Command.. Girlfriend wanted sex, he used his finger to satisfy her, and was going to give oral. He could not get an erection. Which is part of the plan I have for him.  Now can only get excited thru phone humiliation. And now he can't even get it up.  That's the way it should be!  I think so anyway. Men with small dicks, can never  satisfy a women, unless they are rich. So,  he is embracing this concept, and is turned on by the fact that he is bound by this. It's good that he craves the humiliation.
When he could not get an erection, his girlfriend accepted  it. She was able to get off. She gets off and he doesn't, he is okay with this, because he is turned on during phone sessions with
Ms. Mandy.. Likes to look at Ms. Mandy's pics and get turned on. So conditioning has already started, he likes phone humiliation better then being with a woman. He is the lesser male and accepts this.
Girlfriend has no idea about any of this.
Told him to make a homemade fleshlight type device to use, we have tried lunchmeat, saran wrap, and I now have him licking up pre cum. He tells me he is looking at pics of me on my private member site site. Now licking up precum looking at my second gallery.
Talking about ass to mouth sex, says it might be erotic. Wants to entertain me. Talked about me using a dildo on him and he could see what it's like to lick it off.  Thinks it's fantastic getting turned on by Only looking at my website and getting turned on, only way he can get hard, by talking to me. Only calls when really serious, and has tight balls, that is ready to explode.
Last night, girlfriend got a gift bag from some makeup, he has the shiny bag from her gift, rubbing on the part of his body between asshole and balls. Is going to tease himself today this way. He also has a beer cozy, that he can make smaller for his little dick to use to jack off into.
The ultimate humiliation is to only get off with Ms. Mandy. That's the most humiliating. Cuckolding would be second best for Stroker in NY, his fantasies are limited to voice, assignments, and looking at pics.  Only time he can reach the supreme moment will be with saran wrap, and me saying, this is all you will get.
Needs to be totally programmed, to know this is all he is getting. Ever!  This is real, and he needs this, and I make him want it more, I have the power. He needs my voice to demean himself. He craves this, I am the most important thing for him,
but I have many like him.
The program is working. He needs to only masturbate with Mandy, I have shown his little cute cock to my girlfriend.. saying.. "look he can only cum by masturbating at my command."  Just like the name says...
Face down, saran wrap with lotion wrapped around penis, lie on floor, and hump a pillow, like a yoga stance. This would be so totally humiliating.
So pillow is now covered with saran wrap, he put lotion on that, he is going to get on knees, to worship me, and rub against this.. in worship of me.  Needs more sessions to be programmed to only cum with me. He is now doing this because his penis is too small for anything else, he wants to be free of his current situation, and only talk to me. He needs this. Why suffer with a little cock when he can rejoice with it with me humiliating him. He can tell people he knows about this, he might find another little dick that I can do this too..
No toys to cum into, going to use hand instead, and then eat the cum for me. Now pumping into saran wrap, and I am going to demean him further. Needs to serve me. That's the bonus, I enjoy humiliating him, he makes me happy, he serves me. I don't want him putting his penis in a girl,
 he needs phone humiliation only!
Serve Ms. Mandy. Cock not big enough for anything else.. he will eat it. Cum for me, not try with girls anymore, only me, he satisfies Ms. Mandy! Now eat it up!

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