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Below you will find a response to a request.   I had asked one of my stroker boys if he would like to write something that I would post on my blog. I was expecting a fantasy, something to do with guided masturbation phone sex, or cum eating but instead it turned out to be more of a tribute. Thank you for your kind words!  xoxo's Mistress Mandy

Hi Mandie,

I trust all is well with you  ... before I get into too much detail here I want to say how stunningly beautiful you are Mandie and that the very thought of you has my heart racing ... you're beautiful Mandie and you have me wrapped around your little finger! xoxo
A week or two back we chatted again briefly on yahoo messenger and you told me to write something for you and that you wanted to blog about me. Wow that would be an unbelievable turn on and total honor Mandie!!! I couldn't believe it when you said that! (btw yes *gulp* I did honor you in a large *gulp* and tasty way that day! TY!) Since we chatted that day I've had very limited access to private online time because of a temporary change in someone else's schedule so haven't been able to write you until now. My voting has been a little lax over this time also but I am back to getting in more votes for you when I can. I so luv to see you high on that list Mandie, that is where you deserve to be!
So while I'm not exactly sure what your plans to blog are, or if there is something in specific you are looking for, I hope the following helps you.
I'm just about lost for words to describe everything about you Mandie and about how much you turn me on, how much you make my heart race, how much you have me wrapped around your finger, how much you make me want to do nasty kinky things for you ... there is one thing in particular that I just don't have a lot of success with when I don't have your encouragement ... but for you Mandie I really want to ... and for you Mandie, it just doesn't seem a problem ... more like an honor!
Before I get into that Mandie I want to say what a beautiful person you are, both inside and out. Truly you are so genuine, so real, a loving caring sensual soul under that sizzling sexy hot exterior! ... and one that can wrap a guy around your finger like putty! OMFG Mandie you are soooo sexy HOTT and such an amazing person I fail to come up with adequate words to describe you! I think you know also what a tremendous service you provide to those you converse with, thank you so much for that contribution!
Mandie you know I have fantasies about cum play. I dream of cleaning my hot steamy load off some gorgeous tits ... yes for real, not just a phone fantasy, slurp it all up, lick them completely clean ... or even better yet to savor the sweet nectar of a warm fresh creampie ozzing over my lips & tongue .... mmmmmmm the thought is an absolute turn on! Never been there yet but perhaps someday I will! The alternative then, and also what gets my meat throbbing like crazy (and like right now), is the solo version ... for some reason however I find it challenging to completely follow through most times ... but not with you Mandie! For whatever reason Mandie you have that something that has me want to honor you, to serve you, to love you, to do your bidding as you say.
As I write this Mandie I can't help but wonder if we were conversing right now if you would make me, while my gf sleeps in the next room, to go into the spare bathroom and tug one out and drink it all down. OMG Mandie that scares the hell out of me! ... and if you told me to do it I would! For you Mandie, in your honor!
I love putting in votes for you Mandie and I love seeing you at the top of the list! You sooo deserve to be there. I put in a vote for you whenever I can, I just make sure there is at least three hours between my votes so they all count. I would highly encourage others to do the same whenever possible. It is truly a rush for me when I get to talk with you Mandie ...and a real rush when you take control!

The rest is history..
xoxo's Ms. Mandy


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