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Had a new cum eating phone sex caller last night.  Bill the cum slut had cum eating issues and told me in college he would jerk off in the bathroom,  he would see auto fellatio in a porn magazine and this really turned him on. This made him want to suck his own cock.  He tried jerking off and eating it four times, until he was able to do it. He would lick it off his fingers, and that would get him hard. It then progressed to where he would jerk off in his room, get his legs over his head like in the porn magazine until he finally did eat it. He would cum on his face and then he could get his cock in his mouth, about fifty percent of the time he could suck his own cock. Legs over his head was his favorite position. I am humiliating him on the phone and forcing him to eat his cum.

I told him that I could make him do it, he said that over the years he has fantasized about eating it, and has not been able to do it again, he cums and then loses interest.  I told him I was going to force him to do it, and that was that.  He told me he has called others and they were not able to.

I began by making him stroke his dick for me reminding him that he is now my cum eater, and eating his cum is good for him. I make him repeat while he strokes, making him pump and then he is going to eat it, and I know all his secrets from college.

Pump that fucking dick and eat it for me! That is what a good cum eating stroker boy does instinctively, at least if you are lucky enough to have me guide you!

I will give you cum eating instructions, you will eat your sperm and love it.

xoxo's Ms. Mandy

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